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Clicks: How To Get Traffic To Any Website!

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July 7th - 1 PM EST

We’ll start the “CLICKS” series on July 7th with Session #1 and here’s the traffic sources we’ll be covering:

  • #1 - Facebook Ads - We currently invest over $500,000 a MONTH into Facebook Ads (at a 300% ROI) - We’ll reveal our formula and show you how to copy it!
  • #2 YouTube Ads (Part 1) - There’s an amazing opportunity here that most are ignoring - We’ll show you our exact formula to dominating on YouTube & getting cheap clicks!
  • #3 - Social Media - How exactly can you get FREE Traffic today from all these social networks? We’ll cover the top 3: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

July 28st - 1 PM EST

We’ll end the “CLICKS” series on July 28st with Session #2

  • #1 - SEO - The KING of Free Traffic! We’ll cover the basics that you need to know about search engine optimization to get you started on your way!
  • #2 - Email Media - Another one of our favorite sources of traffic. We’ll talk about how to build an Email list FAST and launch your business!
  • #3 - Influencer Ads - The next big movement that is happening online - CELEBRITY endorsements on Instagram, all starting at just $20! We’ll show you how!
  • #4 - YouTube Ads (Part 2) - There are 3 different ways to target on YouTube that are perfectly unique to YouTube. You can actually get incredibly LASER targeted audiences.

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