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You simply cannot ignore digital advertising anymore. But, where do you go to lurn? Stop relying
blindly on contractors & agencies – Join our Digital Revolution today.

Get A Hot Desk, Free Training Events & A Space To Collaborate With Other Experts...

The revolution is simple: we believe that every business can benefit from a strong digital presence.

But, rather than blindly relying on contractors and agencies, we want you to come learn the skills yourself, with us! Or at least come work with one of the established, trustworthy experts right inside our workspace.

This is why we created The Lurn Center – to create a home for modern entrepreneurs. This is the place to grow your business through stellar digital marketing.

Master Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Lead Generation & Much More…

There are so many ways to optimize your digital strategies. We want to help you grow every aspect of your business.

No matter what kind of digital marketing help you need - whether it be in email marketing, digital publishing, social media, ecommerce or anything else - we are here to break barriers and push you to the next level.

Our entrepreneurial and digital marketing training features industry-leading tactics and tools, taught by leaders in in every niche. So you can be sure that you’re getting the best of the best for your business.

We’re searching for founding partners to join us here at the Lurn Center. And you can lock-in a long-term discount by being one of the first 100 to join us now.

In addition to our modern workspace, you’ll gain access to our top entrepreneurial and digital marketing coaches. Plus, free marketing training sessions and masterminding events!

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is the best way to maximize the potential of your business. We’re so excited to start working with passionate entrepreneurs to make dreams come true.

Your Lurn Center Membership Unlocks 26,000 Square Feet With:

High-speed Wifi

Friendly space hosts

Quiet environment

A variety of workspaces

Plenty of whiteboards

Access to fully-stocked audio & video studios

Access to space to host guests & meetings

Extended & weekend hours

Complimentary coffee & tea

Endless power outlets

Here’s What You’ll Get & More…

Attend Member Events

Advanced Digital Marketing
& Business Training!

Free Weekly Training: We bring in real experts from every field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Come learn with our team and
master your skills!

Learn how to get more leads and sales while automating your marketing practices - become a digital
marketing expert!

Mastermind & Network

Meet Other Entrepreneurs &
Get The Help You Need!

Weekly Mastermind & Networking: We’ll help you create your own masterminds to run your business. Plus, you can
meet at the Lurn Center
for Free!

Every week we will pick topics and facilitate amazing interactive learning. You don’t have to learn alone - join our community of entrepreneurs.

Work & Lurn Here

Get A Workspace In Our
Office, Everyday!

Coaching Office Hours: Work directly with our digital marketing gurus,
daily. Make our beautiful 26,000
square foot facility your new
professional home!

Members get daily access to our entire facility - private studios, seated desks, standing desks, and collaborative spaces.

Keynote Events & Courses On Campus

Upcoming LIVE Courses For The Next 90 Days
Every week we host free training. Learn to get more traffic. Learn to convert that traffic. But, more than anything,
learn how to get more sales and leads through digital marketing that works.


Committed to Lead Generation & Driving Sales! Learn how to use a variety of traffic sources to get quality leads…

Keynote Event:

Three ways to generate leads for your business

Presenter: Anik | Date: 3-28-19 | Time: 11am-2pm

Week #1 Using Email to Drive Leads
Presenter: Zane | Date: 3-13-19 | Time: 4pm-6pm

Week #2 Planning and Hosting Events
Presenter: Jeremy | Date: 3-19-19 | Time: 2pm-4pm

Week #3 Using Social Media to Generate Leads
Presenter: Zane | Date: 3-25-19 | Time: 4pm-6pm


Devoted to Increasing Sales Through SEO & Blogging! Learn how to get free traffic and leads to your business...

Keynote Event:

Increasing Sales with SEO & Blogging

Presenter: Anik | Date: 4-30-19 | Time: TBD

Week #1 How to Make Money with Free Traffic
Presenter: Geoff/Zane | Date: 4-2-19 | Time: 4pm-6pm

Week #2 SEO Part 1
Presenter: Anik | Date: 4-9-19 | Time: 4pm-6pm

Week #3 Ranking Your Website/Blog in the Top 10 via SEO
Presenter: Anik | Date: 4-22-19 | Time: 4pm-6pm

Week #4 Blogging Your Way to Leads
Presenter: Zane | Date: 4-15-19 | Time: 4pm-6pm


Focused on Facebook Advertising! Learn all about funnels, targeting & reaching the right audiences...

Keynote Event:

The Power of Facebook Advertising

Presenter: TBD | Date: 5-4-19 | Time: TBD

Week #1 Getting Started with Facebook Ads
Presenter: TBD | Date: 5-6-19 | Time: TBD

Week #2 Using a Funnel with Your Ads
Presenter: TBD | Date: 5-14-19 | Time: TBD

Week #3 Expert Targeting Strategies
Presenter: TBD | Date: 5-22-19 | Time: TBD

Week #4 Optimization and Moving Forward
Presenter: TBD | Date: TBD | Time: TBD

Masterminding On Campus

Two minds are better than one. Three minds are better than two. And a roomful of minds is the difference between good and genius.

Networking events are often a waste of time - we’d rather Mastermind with our community.

Join as many Masterminds as your heart desires - we want to directly help you build your business. Meet for free at the Lurn Center and connect with local geniuses on almost every entrepreneurial topic!

Full Membership Benefits:

Join Our Community & Get All These Benefits…

  • Weekly Digital Marketing Training
  • Weekly Group Masterminding
  • Hot Desks – Work or Study (Wherever, however you want)
  • Discounted Video & Audio Studio
  • Discounted Event Space

Member Discounts To Our Key Rooms

In addition to all of our luxurious amenities, Lurn Center founding members will get exclusive discounts to using
our special facilities - like our auditorium, classrooms and video & audio studios!

  • Host a Lecture
  • Host a Class
  • Host a Meeting
  • Shoot Some Videos
  • Record Some Audio

We Have So Many Different Kinds Of Workspaces You Can Use...

Our 26,000 square foot facility is a virtual playground for entrepreneurs. We have many different spaces available
- so you can freely work however suits you best, everyday

Lurn Center Membership $199 a Month

$199.00 a Month

Get everything above – usage of facility for 8 am to 6 pm. You just
can’t sleep here (only naps).

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