• Workplace Designed With Everything You’ll Need

  • Live Training For Entrepreneurs

    From Networking events to business trainings, the Lurn Center is the transformational home for Entrepreneurs. Join us for our Live Events.

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  • Co-Working Spaces

    Make the Lurn Center your new business home. We'll provide the environment and tools you need to support your business goals.

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  • Stocked Kitchen:
    Free Coffee and Tea!

    A kitchen full of amenities combined with all the free coffee and tea you want!

  • Online Integrated Classrooms - Multiple Sizes!

    Need to teach a class? Want to record or stream it live? Multiple classrooms available, with an up to 200 people capacity!

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  • Security and Saftey:
    Secured Entrance and Free Parking!

    Security is our #1 goal. We have a locked entrance, security in the parking lot. Oh, and the parking is free too!

  • Work & Play:
    Ping Pong Tables & Arcades!

    Need a creative break? We've got you covered with our ping pong tables and arcades!

  • Because time is precious,

    A Workspace Without
    a Closing Time

  • We’re Always Open!
    24 Hours A Day

    Business never sleeps and neither should your place of work. You'll have 24 hour access to your office.

  • TV Studio Quality
    Audio & Video Equipment

    Studio sets, lights, green screens, audio, film.
    We have a full dedicated area just for your production needs.

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  • Relaxing Nap and
    Quiet Spaces

    Everyone needs a break once in a while.
    Come relax and recharge in our nap room or quiet spaces.

Ready for the transformation? Come on in, we’ll be happy to show you around!

Located Conveniently Off Of Exit 8 on I270

Easily accessible from anywhere in the
DC Metro Area, exit 8 off Highway 270, just
1/4 mile off the exit.

2098 Gaither Road

Rockvile, MD 20850

(888) 477 9719 Ext. 2