Education + Community + Workspace

  • #1: In-Person Weekly Member Events Advanced Digital Marketing & Business Training Live At The Lurn Center!

    Free Weekly Training: We bring in real experts from every field of digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Come learn with our team and master your skills!

    Learn how to get more leads and sales while automating your marketing practices - become a digital marketing expert with us.

  • #2: Weekly Mastermind & Networking Work Hands-On With Other Expert Digital Marketers To Build Your Business!

    Weekly Mastermind & Networking: We’ll help you create your own masterminds to run your business. Plus, you can meet at the Lurn Center for Free!

    Every week we will pick topics and facilitate amazing interactive learning. You don’t have to learn alone - join our new community of entrepreneurs.

  • #3: Use Our 26,000 Square Foot Facility Get A Hot Desk Or Workspace In Our Office, Everyday - Come Work & Lurn With Us!

    Coaching Office Hours: Work directly with our digital marketing gurus, daily. Make our beautiful 26,000 square foot facility your new professional home!

    Members get daily access to our entire facility - private studios, seated desks, standing desks, comfortable lounge areas and collaborative spaces.

  • Workplace Designed With Everything You’ll Need

  • Live Training For Entrepreneurs

    From networking events & marketing trainings, to masterminding sessions & business conferences - we do it all. Come join us for our upcoming live events at the Lurn Center.

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  • Co-Working Spaces

    Make the Lurn Center your new business home. We'll provide the environment and tools you need to support your business goals.

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  • Cutting-Edge Security Technology:
    Secured Entrance, Plus Free Parking!

    Security is our #1 goal. We have a locked entrance (fingerprint access only), so you can be sure that your valuables are safe. Oh, & our spacious parking lot is free too!

  • Online Integrated Classrooms - Multiple Sizes!

    Need to teach a class? Want to record or stream it live? We have the space & technology to get it done. There are multiple classrooms available, with an up to 200-person capacity.

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  • Stocked Kitchen:
    Free Coffee & Tea!

    A kitchen full of amenities, including refrigerators, microwaves, toasters & more. We also provide all of the free coffee & tea you need to keep working throughout the day.

  • Work & Play:
    Ping Pong & Arcades!

    Need a creative break? Here at Lurn, we’re big fans of the modern workplace. We have all sorts of stress-relieving activities available to keep you fresh throughout the day.

  • We have it all here at Lurn...

    What Are You Waiting For Entrepreneur?

  • We’re Always Open!
    24 Hours A Day

    Business never sleeps, & neither should your place of work. You’ll have 24-hour access to your office so that you’re able to run your business as you need to. (You can’t sleep here overnight - but feel free to use our nap room whenever!)

  • TV Studio Quality
    Audio & Video Equipment

    Studio sets, lights, green screens, video cameras, soundproof rooms. We have a full dedicated area specifically for your production needs. (Lurn Center members get discounted rates!)

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  • Relaxing Nap and
    Quiet Spaces

    We understand that the workplace takes a lot out of you - everyone needs a break once in a while. Come relax and recharge in our cozy nap room or quiet spaces.

Ready for your transformation? Come on in, we’ll be happy to show you around!

Located Conveniently Off Of Exit 8 on I270

Easily accessible from anywhere in the
DC Metro Area, exit 8 off I270, just
1/4 mile off the exit.

2098 Gaither Road

Rockville, MD 20850

(240) 762-6243 Ext. 2