Can my employee attend a Lurn Center Member event in my place?

A Lurn Center member may allow one of their employees to attend an event in their stead once per month. Please email our community manager ahead of time if this is something you’re interested in.

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming Lurn Center Member trainings?

Dates and information regarding upcoming Lurn Center Member events can be found right here.

What if I need to make a call during an event? Is there a private space for that?

Yes - we have huddle rooms, audio booths, and private spaces available for a brief call upon request. Just ask the front desk attendant and we’ll find you a quiet space, no problem!

How do I book a conference room?

For now, you can book one of our conference rooms manually by speaking to the front desk attendant (240-762-6243), or email our community manager. We soon plan to launch an online booking system for your convenience!

What if I want to bring a guest to a Lurn Center Member keynote event?

If you’d like to bring guests with you to a keynote event, we are willing to extend your member discount for up to two guest tickets. Please contact our front desk attendant (240-762-6243) if this is something you’re interested in.

If we rent space at the Lurn Center for meetups, can we promote our meetups using your business address?

Yes, you can - our address is 2098 Gaither Road, Rockville, MD 20850. If you rent our space for your meetups, you are allowed to publicly say that your meetup is happening at this location.

Do you have a library?

Currently, we do not - but it is our goal and dream to create one very soon! We’re working on compiling all of the proper resources, and will let Lurn Center Members know once a launch has been scheduled.

If I have a business with my husband/wife, do we need two different Lurn Center Memberships? Can we both get our fingerprints scanned with one?

We do require every individual to have their own Lurn Center Membership, so a couple would need to get two separate memberships in order for both of them to freely use our facilities. However, if your spouse doesn’t need a full membership, you can bring them with you into our facility at a per-day rate of $29. Please contact our front desk attendant (240-762-6243) if this is something you’re interested in.

What happens if I can’t attend an in-person workshop? Is there a recording system in place so that I can receive a digital replay?

Our Lurn Center Member events are exclusively for local entrepreneurs to learn, network and mastermind - so that’s why in-person attendance is key. Though all events in our auditorium are recorded, we currently are unable to send them out. But we will have this functionality available as soon as possible, and will promptly let Lurn Center Members know (via our Slack group) when we do.

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